Fresh Local Food Brought From Regional Farms To You!

We Deliver To Telluride, Placerville, Ridgway And Surrounding Areas

The North Fork Valley offers some of the best, most thoughtfully grown produce in the world. We bring it to you.

W  e at Vicki’s Fresh Food Movement believe that everyone has a right to fresh nutritious food. Additionally, those who grow and raise said food deserve thanks and a fair price for their food items. By helping the region of Southwestern Colorado become more self-sufficient and more of a closed loop system, money spent on food will strengthen local economies, raise awareness of the food we eat, shorten food miles, as well as build relationships from the soil to the table.

By improving the quality of food being served within the communities of Telluride, Ridgway & Ouray, money spent on food will go to more responsible and sustainable ranchers and farmers, food miles will decrease, and the quality of meals served to the community members and visitors will increase. By keeping the money spent on food by restaurants within the region, the economy of these communities will improve.


Cultivating Sustainability