We at Vicki’s Fresh Food Movement believe that everyone has a right to fresh nutritious food.

e also believe  those who grow and raise said food deserve thanks and a fair price.  By helping Southwestern Colorado become more self-sufficient, money spent on food will strengthen local economies, raise awareness of the food we eat and shorten food miles.

We envision our enterprise as  a cultivator of sustainability for communities through sustenance. This  collaboration  between chefs, restaurant owners and farmers, along with Vicki’s Fresh Food Movement, will share healthy, fresh, local food.

Our goal is to promote healthy and active lifestyles for everyone who lives, works, and plays in these communities by enhancing the food served. While enjoying beautiful food, both locals and visitors level of awareness regarding where their victuals come from will be heightened. Ultimately we will be able to provide greater stability for the farmers and ranchers who provide all of the wonderful comestibles.