My business is rooted in a passion for sustainability, community, and beautiful food.

I n January of 2008 I left my origin of Northport, NY and Grafton, VT to move out west to Telluride, CO. Since I arrived in this beautiful box canyon of a mountain town I got a dog, picked up an old Subaru Outback, purchased a home, and set up roots within this amazing community.

My work in NY, VT, and especially in Telluride has been in the service industry on several different levels; from ski instructor, ski & snowboard school supervisor, front and back of house restaurant work, front and back of house golf course work, in addition to involvement with special events. All of this experience has allowed me to develop the skills needed for both customer service as well as the heavy lifting that occurs behind the scenes.

I grew up in New York within an entrepreneurial family, attended Marymount Manhattan College where I received my BS in Business Management with a Concentration in Marketing, then took off to go skiing for a winter after graduation. Once I stumbled across Telluride I knew I would be here for a while. After a few years here ‘living the dream,’ I started to dream bigger and consider higher education. I wasn’t sure what the answer was right away, but eventually noticed that everything I was reading about, watching, and listening to was in the realm of sustainability, and more specifically food.

Due to my passion for this community and the lifestyle that is provided by living in these mountains, I decided to pursue my Master’s Degree in Sustainable Food Systems Online through Green Mountain College. The two degrees mixed with a desire to find a way to help the region of southwest Colorado become more self sufficient and sustainable is the drive behind starting this Wholesale Regional Food Distribution Company that will give more consistency to farmers, fresher food to chefs, and healthier whole food items to consumers.

With Love, Vicki Renda